For four generations, our family business has thrived by aligning ourselves with talented and compassionate people. Those who inspire innovation, celebrate achievement, and strengthen our communities. Finding a common ground between our customers, our colleagues and the communities we serve helps us make responsible decisions that benefit everyone. With everyone pulling together, we can positively impact the areas in which we work and live. At OFS Brands, people make up the common ground upon which we have built nearly a century of success, and they will continue to be the foundation for our sustainable growth.

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Our Customers

We make every customer feel like our only customer through quality craftsmanship, eco-inspired design, the smart use of natural resources and delivery you can count on.
The people of OFS Brands have an inherent sense of pride in our ability to craft quality products, quality relationships and quality service. Anything built with the intention of having the highest quality is ultimately built to be lasting and sustainable.
At OFS Brands, we are all part of a culture with a deep respect for the natural world. We understand that our prosperity depends on the health and availability of our resources. Protecting our natural places, facilitating biodiversity and reducing energy, water and material use are essential factors to our continuous growth and sustainability.
We have learned a lot about our products through multiple studies and supplier conversations regarding all aspects of developmental processes and material components. This constant research has enabled OFS Brands to achieve various environmental certifications and recognition for our stewardship. Continuous and consistent research into our products will give us the ability to produce the most sustainable and healthy products now and well into the future.

Successfully operating a global business requires an incredible amount of logistics. The sheer number of inbound and outbound deliveries that affect our ability to conduct business requires intense planning and a streamlined management system. The orchestration of a high-performance, and well-tuned logistical system is essential to sustaining satisfied customers, operational optimization and access to new and emerging markets.

Our Colleagues

Creating a safe environment, investing in health and wellness programs, and offering continuing education is consistent with the way we value the potential of each and every person.
Offering a state of the art Corporate Fitness Center, personal trainer, multiple fitness programs and healthy lifestyle education to all OFS Brands employees exemplifies the company’s commitment to the well-being of its people. Offering these options is an opportunity for the company to help create sustainable, healthy habits for its most valuable resources.
Our commitment to keeping our people safe in the workplace is an ongoing investment that helps to secure sustainable and trusting relationships. This is vital to the quality of life of our people and their peace of mind on the job. We believe that Safety is necessary for the implementation of sound business principles and business sustainability and our goal is always to completely eliminate workplace injuries.
Education is essential to personal and organizational growth. It is a necessity in creating clear understanding and communication between colleagues. Aspects that affect the way we conduct business can change rapidly and OFS Brands believes that continuing education for our employees, partners and customers will help to sustain our relationships and our future growth. We promote lifelong learning.

Our Community

We seek out volunteer opportunities, align our business with suppliers that share our values, and invest in the economic growth of the communities we live and work in.
OFS Brands, its employees and its founders have given countless charitable contribution dollars to help support local, regional and global community development. Giving back to the communities that support and have given so much to us creates opportunities for better quality of life, optimism and sense of togetherness.
 One of the most respected ways to serve the community is by sharing time and non-monetary resources. OFS Brands, and its dedicated employees, commit hundreds of hours to the service of their communities. In so doing, loyal relationships are created, goals are exceeded, and appreciation thrives.
At OFS Brands we associate with supply partners that share our values. We view our supply partners as extensions of our organization and it is important that our visions of sustainable growth are well aligned. Our largest supply partners each have their own commitments to their communities and social sustainability.
In 2014, OFS Brands created a program devoted to local food and giving. Our employee managed community garden was given the name Acanthus Row and has provided a bounty of fresh and healthy food. The produce is shared between employees looking to begin or maintain healthier lifestyles through diet choices. The vision of the community garden is to provide local produce to our employees and their families as well as local not-for-profits and food banks.
Being an advocate for continued economic growth within our communities is a practice that supports the sustainable development of OFS Brands. The growth of our economies and improvements to commerce result in added benefits and improved quality of life for our people and their families.