by Doug Shapiro

At OFS Brands, we believe that when you put people first, you can do so much more. That's exactly what we did with our very talented design partners this year at NeoCon. We put them front-and-center, so our sales organization could hear first-hand the driving force and points of inspiration that were molded, reworked, scrapped, resurrected and ultimately transformed into the products you experienced in Chicago and going forward.

Through the grandeur of NeoCon, we wanted to get very real and personal so our sales team could relay the stories behind the products to you like it was coming directly from the designers. During our annual sales meeting on the Saturday before the big show, our team got so much more than anticipated and we wanted to share these inspiring, behind-the-curtain conversations with you.

Welcome to OFS Brands Live! Mark Strauss, President Emeritus of Interior Design Magazine, hosted a lively, laughter-filled talk show format where his thoughtful prodding took us down paths of "homefulness" to sneakers; yet, always coming full circle to why it matters to people. Our celebrity guests included Brian Graham, Daniel Korb, Pam Light and John Duffy, and our new VP of Design Development, John Phillips, who all welcomed us into their personalities and how the world has informed them which in turn has informed their product design.

This was the perfect way to kickoff NeoCon and now it's the perfect way to kickoff your day of designing a great space where someone will do great things. As John Phillips says, "We want to inspire forward," and hopefully these videos provide inspiration to you. Enjoy!

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