April 6th - 9th, 2017
Heather Shoop, Healthcare Specialist, OFS Brands
“The Institute for Patient-Centered Design is on the forefront of thought leadership and innovation in the patient environment and we were thrilled to be both a sponsor and participant in Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit, April 6 - April 9, 2017, in Savannah, GA.  Delegates representing health systems across the US collaborated with design practitioners, researchers, clinicians and patients to develop solutions for health facility design and accommodations. 
The conference was held at SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design, which fostered the creative and open thought processes to understand the challenges in existing healthcare design and propose new solutions moving forward.
Personally, I found it very informative to interact with the clinicians, nurses, patients and patient families to understand their view of the role that design and furniture plays in the healing atmosphere. Listening to their personal experiences in healthcare systems with frightening diagnoses, I didn’t think the furniture would be important at all. So I was surprised to have a patient tell me she thought it was the most important feature in the design of the space. Our furniture does matter!”
Here is what a few of my colleagues thought:

Allison Ruff, Major Accounts, OFS Brands
“The Institute for Patient-Centered Design summit was an interactive, hands-on experience.  All weekend, I was surrounded by Clinicians, Architects, Interior Designers, Stakeholders, and Patients.  We all came together to problem-solve several different aspects of the Continuum of Care in Healthcare: Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Women and Infants, Chronic Illness, Major Surgery ICU, and Emergency Department.  Hearing every perspective on these topics was informative, eye-opening and a little humbling.”
Lauren Coffey, Healthcare Marketing, OFS Brands
“The Institute for Patient-Centered Design and Health Environment Innovations asked OFS Brands/Carolina to participate in a focus group during the Innovation Summit this year. We decided, what better opportunity to show our newly-launched Serony Behavioral Health lounge furniture than this! Having registered nurses, architects and interior designers review it as a group allowed us to gather feedback from all perspectives. We concluded the focus group with survey questions:  what are your first impressions, what applications would you see this product in your facility and what improvements would you make?
What we took away from the focus group is truly invaluable. It reminded us of the importance of listening to the field and what Human-Centered Design really means.”
Tammy S. Thompson, AIA, EDAC Director Institute for Patient-Centered Design, Inc
"Our goal for the 2017 Patient-Centered Design Innovation Summit was to connect patients, families, clinicians, designers and students to allow them to share experiences and brainstorm on new solutions.  The synergy in these teams exceeded our expectations.  They made lasting impressions on one another and took away great ideas and fresh inspiration."  
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