OFS Brands founder, Bob Menke, created a culture of environmental consciousness dating back to the 50’s, years before most people were concerned about protecting our natural resources. He and his wife Phyllis—inspired by their love for Audubon Camps, moved by the writings and lectures of Rachel Carson—are widely recognized for their contributions to preserving natural areas and encouraging multi‑purpose forestry. Bob was intrinsic in establishing Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs, and lectured on campus at the first Earth Day in 1970.

Throughout Bob’s life his writings on forestry management and wildlife preservation were widely published. He believed we must preserve and learn from natural systems, minimize the impact of chemicals, and consider the potential for human activity to disrupt ecosystems, all at a time when most were scared to speak these thoughts.

Bob and Phyllis’ views on land stewardship and restoration continued into the next generations. From stories of Hank recruiting college friends to plant trees on worn out agricultural lands, to donated time and resources for community and industry education on the importance of ecosystem health, we continue to see the fruits of this labor.

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