Our Story
“What you make people feel is as important as what you make” — Hank
We're rooted in people and our roots run deep
When we call our company a family business, we mean it in multiple senses. Yes, the company was founded by the same family who leads our company today, but it goes beyond that. Some of us are related by blood, but all of us are united as a family by a vision for what we can be together.
We created this company to work together in building a better life
Creating jobs, building community, making quality products that become part of people’s lives—these things are why we’re here. While an honest company built on an honest purpose might not be the flashiest way to success, we now employ thousands, and our products are used by hundreds of thousands. Our work matters to the lives of more people than we will ever meet—and that’s a legacy worth building.
The world keeps changing, but our focus remains the same
We’re not going to pretend that things haven’t changed since we began. As technology and design have grown and evolved, so have we. The craft has changed in terms of tools and requirements, but the purpose has not. No matter what methods we use or products we make, our priority will always be creating experiences that matter for people.
Imagine a Place
Imagine a place—a phrase with a lot of meaning for us. It represents the essence of our story. Imagine the difference it would make to live in a world where every place was designed for the needs of the people who use it. People gravitate to these places—regardless of whether they’re in a home, an office, a hospital, a classroom, or wherever—because they are longing for them. Our company is dedicated to providing the means for others to imagine a place for people.

Caring about people isn’t just a behavior or a belief—it’s a calling. Through the things we make, the interactions we are part of, and the values we represent, we have the opportunity to change lives and plant a future for our children’s children.
Let’s imagine a place together.