“Hi. How are you?” is a question we ask ourselves and others daily, but this question rarely returns a response of substance. “Fine.” “Hanging in there.” “Doing alright.” These quick, surface level conversations no longer suffice. We have to dig deeper. We should be communicating in ways that unveil what is really going on- how is your mental, physical, and emotional health? Are you feeling supported and encouraged? Do the people we are trying to support have a real opportunity to make good choices that promote well-being built directly into their day? We are working to increase awareness around healthy practices and contribute to places, programs and environments that improve people’s lives. We are working to make a difference, and we know we can do that with you and WELL.

The WELL Building Standard™

The WELL Building Standard™ is the first building standard to focus on the health and wellness of building occupants. Developed by Delos and managed by the International WELL Building Institue™, WELL was designed using evidence-based medical and scientific research to create a built environment that better supports human health and well-being.

The WELL building Standard™ provides a model for design and construction to integrate human health features in the built environment. This program is a performance based system to measure the impact of built environments on human health.

WELL concepts of measurement
  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Movement
  • Thermal comfort
  • Sound
  • Materials
  • Mind
  • Community
WELL Platinum
OFS Corporate Headquarters Achieves
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Hear from our WELL team

Our WELL specialists are here to help. From inspiration for getting started on the WELL journey to tips on studying for the exam along with navigating certification and the intricate details of requirements and credits, you’ll find a group of people eager to share their knowledge and experience. We want everyone to thrive in the places they spend their time.
Meet your WELL Regional Specialists
Ali Oxley
Director of Sales Enablement
Regional WELL specialist
"Dedicating time within our complex and layered lives to be mindful about wellbeing is a daily challenge, but perhaps one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, our families, our work, and our planet."
Barbie C. Thomas
District Sales Manager
Regional WELL specialist
"WELL signifies a commitment to transforming spaces into sanctuaries that prioritize human well-being. As a WELL AP professional, I dedicate myself to advising our clients on the importance of cohesive environments that seamlessly align with our human needs, fostering a vibrant world through the integration of wellness and sustainability."
Christina Jameson (Bracco)
District Sales Manager
Regional WELL specialist
"Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being. With my background in design and passion for the WELL Building Standards™; I enjoy educating others on the role our built environment plays on our health and well-being."
Kaitlin Snow
A&D Market Manager
Regional WELL specialist
"Our best work happens in places designed with wellness at the forefront. And when we are able to work well, we bring good feelings and healthy habits home with us, creating stronger relationships and stronger communities."
Kari Wekluk
A&D Market Manager
Regional WELL specialist
"Living a healthy life is not a luxury or a trend, but a basic human need that benefits everyone. Why limit wellness to self driven pursuits for the few, when together we can increase the impact on all human health and wellbeing with WELL?"
Wesley Edmonds
Director of Adaptive Architecture
Regional WELL specialist
"What an amazing time to be a part of this industry as companies make the wellbeing of their employees a top priority. It's an honor to be able to use my background in design and knowledge of WELL to assist in this incredible effort with hopes that it creates change in the workplace and extends to people's homes and lives."
Jarod Brames
Sustainability Director

A word from our Sustainability Director

Meet Jarod Brames. Jarod is our Director of Sustainability and resident WELL AP at our corporate headquarters. He serves as a comprehensive resource and subject matter specialist on sustainability issues affecting Sales and Marketing, Trade Compliance, Corporate Risk, Green Building Design and Construction and Environmental & Social Responsibility topics. Jarod’s curiosity about our ecosystem drives him in his role helping OFS and its partner organizations protect the environment and the health & well-being of the people that live within it.

There should be a human-centric approach to any impactful sustainability program and message. OFS envisioned ours- Common Ground- to highlight our focus on our people and the relationships we create that are at the foundation of our company. We know this focus and attention will steer us toward a successful and sustainable future. Common Ground focuses on our Customers, our Colleagues, and our Communities because we know that if we are properly serving each, our business will thrive.

The creation of the WELL Building Standard™ provides a leading global rating system focused exclusively on ways that buildings, communities, and everything within can improve people’s health and well-being. It is a roadmap that directs us in implementing measures that provide the healthiest building amenities for our colleagues and guides us in ways to produce products that meet the health and well-being goals of our customers and communities.

Our mission closely aligns with that of the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), governing body for WELL, and we feel a strong connection with their message. We both want to provide what is best for people. By providing educational opportunities and partnering with IWBI, we seek to promote progress in the built environment and progress toward better, more holistic sustainability.

Connect with a WELL specialist for any project questions or just to chat about WELL
Find a WELL AP in your area

How do our products contribute?

Achieving WELL certification is holistic. As you move beyond HVAC systems, nutrition, and water quality and access, FFE (furniture, fixtures and equipment) and its appropriate application plays a vital role in supporting occupants across many of the concepts measured in the WELL Building Standard. Here a few ways that OFS products can contribute to your WELL initiatives.
Nourishment - OFS offers a large variety of products with different functions and aesthetics that can be used to create unique designated eating spaces to help promote mindful eating.
Light - Tambient lighting can be integrated into the design of any space to provide electric lighting that minimizes harmful effects to the body through circadian rhythm design. OFS also offers a large selection of surface finishes that allow for specification to meet the luminance variance requirements for visual balance and surface design.
Movement - OFS produces multiple sit-stand workstation products with control options that can help a project meet active furnishings requirements. OFS also produces seating products with active bases to allow for dynamic core and back movement while in the seated position.
Movement - OFS can help contribute to components of this feature- active buildings & communities and active commuter & occupant support- by providing a variety of standard locker and storage products with capability to address a wide variety of needs.
Mind - OFS can provide projects with sofas, sleepers and recliners that can be used to support workplace sleep spaces. Our products can be specified for restorative spaces and focus spaces, accommodating a wide range of user preferences and activities. These products facilitate collaborative social activity as well as private contemplation and can incorporate natural materials, plant life, calm colors, textures and forms.
Mind - Our products can contribute to this concept by providing an indirect connection to nature through the use of natural materials, patterns, colors and shapes of furniture as well as products like planter boxes and plant stands that can be used as interior space dividers that encourage the use of plants for access to nature.
Materials and Air - The materials that OFS controls do not contain flame retardant chemicals and customer specified fabrics are available free of flame retardants. Urea-formaldehyde and phthalate-free furniture products are also available and can help a project meet volatile compound (VOC) reduction. OFS products are all SCS indoor Advantage Gold Certified and conform to the ANSI/BIFMA Furniture Emissions Standard. This allows for our projects to help a project meet long-term emission control and fundamental & enhanced air quality.
To learn more about how OFS products contribute to the WELL Building Standard™, please download our in-depth resources below.

Resource downloads

WELL CEU course WELL CEU course

WELL CEU courses

There is a fundamental human need to connect and discover new things. We gain knowledge, perspective and empathy that will make us better at what we do. Join us on the journey of being lifelong learners.

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