First Do No Harm: Creating Healthy Interiors in Healthcare Buildings
First Do No Harm: Creating Healthy Interiors in Healthcare Buildings
A CEU course brought to you by Carolina, an OFS Company
Fostering healthy interiors
As climate change accelerates and the evidence mounts about the health impacts of indoor environments, creating healthy building interiors is not only the right thing to do, but it also makes good business sense for both healthcare organizations and design professionals.

In this CEU presentation, you’ll learn about the history of healthy buildings and why they matter. You’ll also find out about the healthcare industry’s impact on climate change, along with how the physical environment of healthcare buildings affects patient and staff health and safety. Finally, you’ll learn about the business case for healthy buildings, as well as gain insight on some strategies for designing healthy building interiors.
• 1.0 IDCEC HSW Sustainability CEU credit
• 1.0 EDAC CEU credit
Sara Marberry

Meet Sara Marberry

Sara Marberry, EDAC, is a nationally known healthcare and senior living design knowledge expert. A leading advocate for how the design of the physical environment can positively affect outcomes, she frequently speaks writes, and shares content about current trends and issues.

Sara brings her healthcare and senior living design knowledge to the marketing work she does with product manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and design firms. Her areas of specialty are marketing strategy, branding, content development, and digital marketing.

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Healthcare Roundtable with Sara Marberry

Over the Summer of 2022, we gathered together a talented group of healthcare designers to meet with one of the healthcare industry's great writers and design explorers, Sara Marberry.

In this discussion, Sara and the group explore the critical importance healthcare design plays for the patient and caregiver, as well as healthcare’s role in responding to the climate crisis.

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