Our design ethos
Creating great products and experiences begins with understanding and caring about people. We do this by focusing on three big ideas in our design process.
Creating a simple product is harder than a complex one. When you can find the root of what someone is looking for in a given setting, it clarifies the problem you’re trying to solve and produces a simple, intuitive solution. In this way, simplicity helps us do more, by focusing on the details that really matter for people.
We don’t believe in designing products just to fill out a category or follow someone else’s trend. Instead, our designs emerge from conversations and observations about the things people need from the places they occupy. Every piece we design offers a unique value.
We put a personal touch in everything we do—design is no exception. It’s one reason intentional craftsmanship is so important to our products. We believe the ergonomics and style of a product have the ability to support and inspire people in a personalized way.
But what do people need, and how do you design for it?
People have needs they try to meet in the spaces they occupy. At times, it can be difficult to describe or define what people want or need. People are often unsure themselves. But after decades of experience thinking about human needs and creating furniture to support them, we've focused on meeting four fundamental human needs.


Connection lies at the very heart of what makes us human. These sort of places are where you come to know and be known - to belong. Places to connect create the context for unexpected conversations and organic community. We believe people are better toget


The right places have the power to ignite discovery. We believe discovery is a fundamental human need, because the places that inspire us to discover help us imagine new ideas, information, and ways of thinking - changing the way we approach our lives.


Whether you're alone or closely alongside others, places to focus are places to get things done. Focus means bringing things together - people ideas, information. When we bring things together we can work "in the zone" and solve problems we otherwise coul


Balance matters. From catching your breath on your own to sharing a reflective moment with someone else, these are places that feed your energy and help you heal. Restoration can be both active and passive, sometimes processing or planning, sometimes just recharging your physical, mental, and emotional batteries.