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Beauty within
Discover the newest Grade 1 + 2 additions to our OFS textile collection, Lyric and Arbor. These vinyl and woven textiles expand the possibilities.
Introducing ROOM
Make room for a better way to work with ROOM's suite of modular architecture.
For the places we Gathr
Inspired by King Arthur's round table, everyone is equal when we Gathr.
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Design Your World Children's Book by Imagine a Place
Design Your World
From Imagine a Place Productions, a children's book to inspire the next generation to discover design with equity and diversity in mind.

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Gathr modular lounge
Create a place to come together.
Design a better way of working

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Marriott Vacations Headquarters
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Powerful expressions of performance and design sensibilities.

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imagine a place®
Issue 5 of Imagine a Place embraces the hard conversations, highlights important voices in the design industry, and continues to explore the important role of education in the future of design.

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