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The story of Staks began ten years ago when Pam Light observed a shift in the office layout from private offices to open plan. Employers hoped to create a smaller footprint, but Pam realized that this also often made employees feel exposed and unfocused.

Pam Light and John Duffy crafted Staks from stackable, flexible pieces that can be designed to the inch and personalized for every space. With options for storage, privacy, height adjustability, configuration, and more, we built a strong foundation with Staks that has continued to adapt to meet human needs throughout the decade.

As we celebrate this major milestone—a decade of Staks—we are reminded of how valuable this product has and will always be to the market as we move forward. We can’t wait to see how it will continue to evolve into the future.
An office grown from human needs
In 2010, Pam Light and John Duffy defined the design vocabulary of Staks as furniture that fosters a personal and natural habitat, includes inspiring textures and patterns, and scales flexibly to individual needs.
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Pam Light + John Duffy
Pam Light + John Duffy
Each with more than 30 years of experience in product design, interior design, and dealership purchasing, Pam Light and John Duffy are the perfect team. Just as their partnership requires balance and harmony, they believe that design is the marriage of science and art. Pam and John believe that building spaces is about making people comfortable, which means products should be made critically, intelligently, and humanely. Their work spans a variety of products, including furniture for corporate, entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare settings.

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Designing for people
Designers Pam Light and John Duffy imagined places where furniture supported the way people work, rather than dictating it.
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