Humans before hierarchy: OFS takes a new approach to the private office with Ally

Humans before hierarchy: OFS takes a new approach to the private office with Ally

by Aaron Estabrook

June 6, 2024, Huntingburg, IN - OFS, a leading workplace, healthcare, education, and hospitality furniture manufacturer, is proud to unveil Ally, an innovative new private office collection designed to foster mentoring, collaboration, and meaningful conversations - redefining traditional office spaces to encourage trust and connectivity between managers and employees. 

Designed for spaces historically dominated by hierarchy and separation, Ally prioritizes people over titles, creating welcoming and encouraging environments. The vision behind Ally shifts perspectives: from managers to mentors, employees to trusted partners, and mundane meetings to empowered connections. 

“The role of the private office is evolving along with our changing views on work. Ally exemplifies our focus on choice, recognizing and respecting individual preferences rather than imposing one-size-fits-all solutions," said Andrea Ecret, Director of Brand and Product Marketing at OFS.


The Ally collection features an eclectic mix of lounge seating, workstations, storage solutions, and interactive details, creating a tailored environment where creativity and connection thrive. Suitable for startups and established companies, Ally provides a human-centered alternative to the traditional private office, optimized for relationship building.


A New Approach to the Private Office with Brian Graham

Ally’s design journey began with a conversation between Molly Prior, SVP of Customer Experience at OFS, and Brian Graham, Designer and Founder of Graham Designs. “The way this started was literally a conversation a year ago. Molly and I discussed a vision for the office that was more about feeling and emotion than strict parameters. Her office was an expression of her approach towards working with people, and that inspired the development of Ally,” Graham explained. “Her approach inspired us to create a dynamic and accommodating space for flexible interactions.” 

This vision and design collaboration translated into a collection that emphasizes softness and flexibility, giving employees control over their surroundings. 

"Ally is more than just furniture; it's an embodiment of our values at OFS," said Molly Prior. "We've created a welcoming environment that blends seamlessly with our commitment to fostering connections and promoting well-being in the workplace. Ally encourages the natural, spontaneous interactions that build trust and drive innovation."

Ally’s transformative impact reimagines the private office into an intimate yet casual setting for guidance, feedback, and meaningful discussions between managers and teams. 

Aligning with OFS’s approach of designing for the total well-being of office inhabitants, Ally supports evolving work styles and emphasizes collaboration, reflecting the progressive, people-first mindset OFS is recognized for. 

Brian Graham and Molly Prior on the Imagine a Place podcast

Is the private office taking on a new and important role? Is it time for the private office to be reimagined? In this special episode, Doug shares part of a conversation we captured between designer Brian Graham and our very own, Molly Prior. Together, Brian and Molly chat about the rapid shift in management styles that might challenge the traditional use of the private office - from a more hierarchical environment to a more inclusive and flexible space that can encourage open dialogue and create a sense of equality. But, what might that look like for the future of private offices and workspaces in general?

Ally is available June 10 through OFS dealers. To learn more, visit or see it at NeoCon 2024 from June 10-12 in Chicago.

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