Welcome to "Game Time" presented by Imagine a Place and OFS

What do you get when you survey 70 designers and challenge 10 of the leading minds in design? You get "Game Time," an entertaining and insightful exploration of design concepts and trends.

Join host Doug Shapiro in the latest creation from Imagine a Place Productions – a unique game show that merges engaging discussions with exciting gameplay! In this innovative format, two teams, composed of some of the industry's leading minds, go head-to-head in a lively debate and competition. Watch as our participants use their knowledge and wit to compete, all while diving deep into the issues that shape our spaces and lives.

Don't miss this blend of competition, discussion, and discovery. Tune in to see who comes out on top in the ultimate design showdown!


Ronnie Belizaire, HKS 

Erika Moody, Helix Architecture + Design 

Mark Bryan, Future Today Institute 

Cheryl Durst, International Interior Design Association 

Bill Bouchey, Gensler 

Stacey Crumbaker, Mahlum Architects Inc. 

Mike Johnson II, Hickok Cole 

Joe Pettipas, ARCADIS 

Ana Pinto-Alexander, HKS 

Abby Scott, HDR


  • Doug Shapiro
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