Climate Positive Materials for Sustainable Interiors
Climate Positive Materials for Sustainable Interiors
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Climate Positive Materials for Sustainable Interiors
There are many different ways to talk about sustainability when it comes to the production and use of products and materials:

• The use of virgin or recycled raw materials
• Impacts on ecosystems
• Packaging and transportation
• Ease of manufacturing and installation
• Replacement of less sustainable materials
• Durability, longevity, and ease of care and maintenance
• Carbon offsets and sequestration
• Circularity and end-of-life

Many of these issues are interrelated, and most are tied directly to carbon and CO2. Carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere. It’s also the metric by which we assess the climate impacts of products and materials.

In this CEU, we’ll discuss new thinking about the true meaning of sustainability, the causes and effects of manmade climate change, and how designers’ choices impact our world. We’ll also explore a category of materials – materials you’re already using – that go beyond sustainable, that are actually Climate Positive.
• 1.0 IDCEC HSW Sustainability CEU credit

Meet Kenn Busch

Kenn Busch is the founder of Material Intelligence LLC ( and Climate Positive NOW (

He's a longtime journalist and magazine editor in the North American, European and Asian interior and furniture design markets, and covers major materials and furniture design fairs in the U.S. and Europe.

Kenn has been creating certified educational content for architect and interior designers for over 20 years, and consults with materials suppliers, furniture and cabinet companies and industry associations striving to turn sustainability into a competitive advantage.

From Waste To Worth with Ben Christensen from Cambium Carbon

In this episode, we have Ben Christensen, the founder of Cambium Carbon which exists to reimagine the supply chain for wood and wood products. Cambium Carbon saves fallen trees from landfills and decomposition, transforming them into valuable products with place-based impact.

The size and scope of the problem they are seeking to solve is extraordinary and it's likely a problem you never knew existed. Cambium Carbon is here to solve it with its circular economy model that creates new green jobs and funding to support urban canopy restoration in the communities that need it most.

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