WELL Minded

The Global Wellness Industry + The WELL Building Standard™

Course description:
This CEU is designed to illustrate the importance of the global wellness industry at large, identify the external factors driving wellness in design, and highlight the importance of the WELL Building Standard™. In this course, we will provide an overview of the wellness economy, review the generational demand for wellness in the workplace, and explain what drives consumer buying behaviors. We will then take a look at how the 2020 pandemic and demands for social responsibility has catapulted the need for wellness in all aspects of our lives. The WELL Building Standard™ v2 has been adapted from v1 to meet the needs of our current times, and we will take a look at some of the major principles and concept changes between v1 and v2. As a conclusion, we will highlight a few projects and show how they have been positively impacted by WELL Certification.

CEU credits:
• 1 CEU-IDCEC credit
• 1 IDCEC HSW credit