Today, August 31, 2017, marks two years since OFS Brands began the CET journey. To leaders like Wesley Harper, Director of Dealer Advancement, and Steven Dunn, eTools Manager, this milestone marks two years of persistent work.
For OFS Brands, 1000 users demonstrate the value of the company’s investment two years ago—users actually save time and effort by employing the CET software. “We’re seeing adoption and we will continue to invest in more programming and added value,” says Steven Dunn. This affirmation will spur OFS Brands to continued investment in the CET platform, with increased products, additional PGC features, and enhancements to user workflows.
"We've invested a lot of time and resources in creating smart extensions to make the OFS Brands CET experience more intuitive for designers. We are out in the market talking with designers and getting feedback. We've heard a tremendous amount of positive feedback. It feels good to know we are giving them hours back in their lives,” says Wes Harper. 
 To see OFS Brands’ continued investment in CET software, join OFS Brands at the CET User Conference on November 8-9, where the company will be presenting new enhanced content that will continue to increase user efficiency.