Fox Farm Apiary

Fox Farm Apiary

For the love and knowledge of nature

Lisa and ChrisLisa and Chris Layman met through their shared passion for planet earth—particularly the essential pollinators who maintain the vibrant ecosystem of their home in upstate New York—bees. 

Together, they created Fox Farm Apiary, a small business dedicated to beekeeping through education, sustainability practices, and an ethical collection of natural materials from the hive. 

Like bees, the duo works harmoniously. Chris focuses on hive maintenance and beekeeping education, while Lisa is a certified aromatherapist and uses her expertise to craft naturally sourced skincare products from her surrounding plants and bee materials.

We joined Lisa for a virtual meeting and she invited us to explore the landscape where she and Chris maintain some of their hives. Their oasis is nestled behind the Hudson River School of Painting in upstate New York, amidst fields of wildflowers, and in the shadow of Overlook Mountain, we couldn’t help but share Lisa’s reverence for the earth.  

The two use the grounds to maintain their hives and offer educational tours that inspire an appreciation for nature and teach sustainable practices.

Fox Farm Apiary’s dedication to sustainability makes them a natural partner for OFS. We share their goals to protect and preserve our world’s natural beauty and are proud to promote this small business as they continue this vital work. As Lisa and Chris say, “so much good comes out of a beehive!” We couldn’t agree more and it shows how the smallest actions, such as a single bee pollinating one flower, can make an enormous impact on our world. 

Support Lisa and Chris’ small business, Fox Farm Apiary, by shopping their online store here and sharing with others.