Fresh Artists

Fresh Artists

Helping kids see possibilities

Barbara Chandler AllenArtistic expression has the power to shape us early in life, but a child’s identity and creative confidence grow best when nurtured with opportunity and a role model’s encouragement. This is where Fresh Artists makes a lasting impression in the lives of young people.

The idea for the organization emerged when Barbara Allen and her son Roger were asked to curate the School District of Philadelphia’s new headquarters, an 850,000 square foot blank space, with student art. Their solution: large-scale digital reproductions of student artwork.

Nearly 13 years later, the non-profit serves thousands of underserved children through the support of art supplies and creative art programming. Their unique model of circular philanthropy elevates young artists and their work through corporate installations while also raising funds to purchase art supplies for underfunded schools.

At Fresh Artists, kids become the catalyst for “lateral philanthropy”, as the first donors in the process of giving, young artists play an integral role in providing art supplies for teachers and students in their own community. 

The belief system Fresh Artists instills in its youth is simple but powerful–everyone has something to give. Their team inspires kids, families, art teachers, schools, corporate partners, and all of us to look around and ask ourselves, what can we give back to make this world a better place?