Looking ahead

Looking ahead

Thoughts from Hank Menke

I’ve been part of furniture for my whole life, from the ground up. Work hard and have a listening ear. I think a listening ear is so critical not only to the people around you but also your customers. When we let the customer down, we take it personally. It’s like letting the family down, and that’s 1,800 people. We have to be responsive. We’ve got to be agile. We’ve got to be really focused around each customer.

You’ve got to have a culture that supports a DNA of change.
- Hank Menke, CEO of OFS

To see your children gain confidence and respect—that means everything to me. It’s just awesome. That sort of thing is what life’s about.

Listen, I’m so excited about our future it’s not even funny. The next ten years are going to be exciting times for this company. We keep doing what we’re doing, and we’ll grow like a rocket ship.