Dare to be different

Ivy Siosi and Audi Culver are the co-owners of Siosi Design, a boutique furniture company based in Bloomington, Indiana. SIOSI is the story of two entrepreneurs who dared to be different and have earned a record of success as a result of their boldness. 

Audi Culver and Ivy Siosi describe themselves as partners in life, collaborators in design, and makers. Together, they create beautiful, detail-oriented furniture from locally sourced timber. In addition to furniture making, Audi takes on the role of photographer and marketer to create playful and energetic images of themselves, their dogs, and their furniture.

Their wood and metalwork blends minimalism with an undisguised grace and their marketing reflects this sublimity.

Audi describes their aesthetic as Danish and mid-century modern inspired, “But we also hope that we are creating our own voice within this realm. Our goal is to take cues from the past and add our own little tweaks to it.”

During a time that has closely confined us to our homes, we have been delighted to discover the brilliant craftspeople in our own backyard. Slowing down and staying put has opened our eyes to the beauty right here in our small corner of Indiana. We are thrilled to share their excellent work and look forward to a partnership that helps build a more supportive design community in Southern Indiana.


SIOSI is Audi Culver + Ivy Siosi - partners in life, collaborators in design, and women who make + fabricate.

Since 2012 we've dedicated our lives to exceptional craft, clean lines, and subtle details. We believe in creating art, building our community, having fun, and expanding upon fundamental designs while honoring the resources and respecting the tools we use to build them.

Each piece is made by hand, by us, in our studio – in Bloomington, Indiana – each piece is unique and treated with individual care. We use locally sourced, sustainable hardwoods and zero or low VOC hand rubbed finishes. All of our slabs are hand-picked to suit the project and the clients' wishes.