Mothers of Design

Mothers of Design

Creating a network of working moms

MOD squadTo meet Megan Plante is to discover all the hope and light of a child in the body of an effervescent, inspired adult artist. As a member of the OFS family, she has certainly inspired us, and we wanted to share a little of her story and her passion for celebrating and encouraging others with you. 

Starting her career overseas as an art teacher, she learned the value of honesty and encouragement early on and carried it with her into the design industry and then motherhood. Re-entering the design world with young kids, however, she noticed that while many of her coworkers and design-industry friends were also mothers, it was typical to keep their personal and professional lives entirely separate. 

“As a mother, I often find my greatest inspiration from my kids, and I believe that it has even given me an edge that is to be celebrated. I wanted to share that, and I wanted other mothers in design to feel encouraged to share it, too.” Megan says. 

So, Megan created Mothers of Design, a network of moms working in the design industry who share encouragement, resources, and design-centered playdates to foster an appreciation for all that working moms bring to the design industry, and a community where they could uplift, share, and support one another. 

“When I thought about what is ‘cool’ and ‘mod,’ I suddenly stopped had the realization that Mothers of Design is mod. That’s what’s cool, the moms who do it all. We are mod. And that’s where the name and acronym came from, Mothers of Design came from: the MOD squad.”

“Working moms are often so hard on themselves, fighting the feeling that when they’re one place, they should be the other, or that they should be able to do more. In building Mothers of Design, I wanted to create a space where we could normalize these feelings, recognize the balance between personal and professional, and support each other in celebrating both.”

Through Mothers of Design, Megan imagined a place where working moms could bring everything they have to the table, and share the beauty of motherhood.

When Megan Plante created Mothers of Design, she also invited each of us to build a community in a similar way wherever we are. Sometimes, it's something as small as messaging someone on social media, other times, it means inviting someone into your network. Whatever it is, we each have an opportunity to encourage one another and build community wherever we are. Follow along with the MOD squad on Instagram at @modsquadofs.

Megan Plante
A&D Market Manager

Megan Plante is an experienced Sales Representative with a long history in the furniture industry. Skilled in furnishings, color theory, sketching, interior architecture, and account management, she has demonstrated her passion and expertise in the art and design world ever since she graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and Painting. She has been a treasured part of the OFS family since 2018.