Radio Roasters

Radio Roasters

The taste of black coffee

Chip GrabowGrowing up, Chip Grabow’s dad always offered him the last sip of his morning brew, an experience that cultivated a lifelong love of coffee. From discovering coffee-flavored ice cream to the fascinating roasting process, the simple aroma, flavor, and coffee routine became a moment of respite and joy in each day for Chip. 

Chip’s passion for coffee took root at a young age, but it continued to grow, remaining a constant in his life even during his 15-year career as an NPR producer. In 2011,  Chip relocated from the west coast for a gig with CNN. Here, he hoped to bring the west coast approach to coffee to his new community. The moment had finally come for him to share his lifelong love for coffee with others, and thus Radio Roasters was born.

Radio Roasters is a small coffee roaster based in Decatur, Georgia, inspired by Chip’s two greatest passions: coffee and radio. His mission: to bring specialty coffee to his hometown and to educate and share his love with others.


Sharing the intricacies of coffee is not just about flavor; it’s also an opportunity to teach others the value of good coffee. 

“We hope that people can come to understand the value of good coffee so that they can also develop a greater respect for the hard work and expertise of the coffee farmers. Specialty coffee is the best path to equitable pay,” Chip said.

As Chip says, we all need to “keep broadcasting good, “ so we are thrilled to feature the good people at Radio Roasters as a small business that not only inspires us, but keeps us energized too! 

Learn more about Radio Roasters and their passion for coffee and creating small experiences that provide joy in each day.