Ranger Station

Ranger Station

For the power of experience

Steve SoderholmOne of the most beautiful treasures of being human is to live and share memories and experiences. However, a crucial and often forgotten element of every occurrence is our sense of smell, tied to our emotional processors, which enhance our memories.   

For Steve Soderholm, founder of Ranger Station, the power of scent became especially evident upon returning home to Nashville, Tennessee, after a year on the road as a professional touring drummer.   

He opened the door to find the familiar scent of home, welcoming him in and bringing with it a sense of peace and comfort. This quiet moment made a profound impact, inspiring Soderholm’s deep love for candles, fragrances, and the ability to transport people to memories and spaces through smell.

Steve grew up in northern Minnesota, where the scents of pine, musk, and leather are woven into the landscape and geography. The familiar aromas of home ultimately inspired him to begin crafting his own scents and fragrances; from this, Ranger Station was born.

Ranger Station is a small business dedicated to crafting high-end fragrances that evoke emotion, trigger memories, and foster an inviting environment. Many of the candles are poured into custom-made whiskey glasses, motivated by Steve’s passion for hosting and providing a sustainability element - the glass can be saved for future enjoyment. 

Steve’s goal is to create a sense of homefulness, memory, and experience through his uniquely crafted candles. We are incredibly proud to support this, as simple experiences can become therapeutic and uplifting, especially during difficult times.

It is our goal to highlight the makers and small businesses that inspire us. And although Ranger Station might classify themselves as a “small business,” they play a big role in helping us create a sense of home and comfort. 

To learn more about Ranger Station and their products, please visit their online store