Thanking our healthcare professionals

Thanking our healthcare professionals

A message from Stan

Stan Gray

It’s hard to believe that just a short time ago, few people were aware of COVID-19. While they may have had some awareness of the coronavirus, little attention was paid by the masses of how serious of a threat was heading our way. Today, it is impossible to escape being inundated with the latest updates about the virus. One thing is for sure...the world around us has changed very quickly.

These changes look different for all of us: whether we are working from home, working with kids, caring for the elderly, facing job difficulties, or fighting to support small businesses against the fear and uncertainty of the future, we are all facing change. The ones who face this challenge most drastically, however, are those fighting on the front lines: our healthcare professionals.

Nurses, physicians and medical staff and their network of support all over the world are being asked to spend long hours away from their families and loved ones, putting their lives at risk to heal others and save lives. It’s difficult to even imagine what they are going through during this time.

But amidst all of this change, we cannot help but notice that one thing has not changed: the resolve of our healthcare workers to remain steadfast in their care, dedication, and selflessness toward patients. Day and night, our healthcare professionals willingly place themselves in harm's way to protect those we love. 

So first, we want to say thank you to each and every member of our healthcare community. We want to take a moment to recognize all that you have done and will continue to do in the weeks to come. Thank you for setting an example for all of us. In a time of uncertainty, your commitment to service provides renewed hope and trust. We cannot thank you enough. 

At OFS and Carolina, we can only offer our sincere gratitude and support. While we can’t change the circumstances, know that you are not alone. We stand by you, we are cheering for you, and we could not get through this without you. 

Please, if you need anything, we want to support you in any way that we can. But more than that, know that your dedication and sacrifice has already changed us for the better. So stay safe, stay strong, and remember, we are all in this together. 


Stan Gray

Sr. Director of Marketing - Healthcare