Kaleid: Fostering a flexible future of work
With the increased adaptation of activity-based work, offices are becoming more dynamic, energetic spaces; stimulating connection, collaboration, and culture. Designed by Webb Associates, Kaleid was created as a mobile element of Soft Architecture to help define space and support these exact needs.
Tailored to human needs
Find a place that is right, to support the work to be done.
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Kaleid by OFS: Create the place you need.

The way forward is adaptability. The world is changed, the office is changed, so the first step is embracing it. Kaleid does just that, giving the user the freedom to design (and re-design) the space they need to do their best work.
Kaleid by OFS
Freedom to work your way
Just like a Kaleidoscope, Kaleid has the flexibility to move into different settings and configurations; giving the organization, team, and individual the tools to redefine what work looks like for them.
Webb Associates
Webb Associates
After decades working in furniture design, Roger Webb founded Webb Associates, a design consultancy based in London. Today, Roger still leads the firm, but now is joined by fellow designers David Lancaster and Tony DaCosta. Webb Associates are known for their ergonomic expertise and carefully tailored design solutions. Our partnership with Roger and his team has produced some of our favorite product lines, such as LeanTo, Kasura, Genus, Heya, and Obeya for OFS, and Hug for Carolina.