Seek shelter from the norm.
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Innately welcoming
We all seek those places. The nooks and corners to escape, to collect our thoughts, and center ourselves. We're also drawn to cozy settings to have conversations with colleagues and friends. Welcome to LeanTo.
The feeling of custom that's standard
Outfitted to feel like it was built into your space all along.
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Webb Associates
Webb Associates
In 1989, after decades working in furniture design, Roger Webb founded Webb Associates a design consultancy based in London. Today, Roger still leads the firm, but now is joined by fellow designers David Lancaster and Tony DaCosta. Webb Associates are known for their ergonomic expertise and carefully tailored design solutions. Our partnership with Roger and his team has produced some of our favorite product lines, such as LeanTo and Heya by OFS and Hug by Carolina.
LeanTo by OFS
Places we seek
Our days take us on a journey. All along the way there are places we visit. From islands of respite when you have the LeanTo back-to-back or lined down a hallway with pop-in spaces, we simply love having choices.