Introducing the OFS Learning Lounge: A Hub for Continuous Learning and Collaboration

Introducing the OFS Learning Lounge: A Hub for Continuous Learning and Collaboration

by Adriana Morton

Huntingburg, IN, January 16, 2024 - OFS is happy to announce the launch of The Learning Lounge, a platform dedicated to continuous education and collaboration with customers and designers. This new initiative, accessible through our LinkedIn group and a monthly newsletter, offers an extensive range of resources including video updates on the newest tools, quoting, product tips, and more. 


Key Features of the OFS Learning Lounge

Comprehensive training videos: Delve into a curated collection of training videos that cover OFS tools, quoting strategies, and product tips. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, these training videos are tailored to enhance your knowledge and skills.

Monthly newsletter: Stay connected with the latest updates and insights by joining the OFS community and signing up for our monthly newsletter. Receive a recap of the month's content directly in your inbox, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in your industry. 

Continuous education and collaboration: The OFS Learning Lounge aims to be the go-to platform for continuous education and collaboration. Connect with like-minded professionals, share your experiences, and contribute to a community that values growth and success.

To join the OFS Learning Lounge and start your journey towards continuous learning and collaboration, visit the LinkedIn group and sign up for the newsletter. 

At OFS, we believe in the power of continuous education and collaboration. The OFS Learning Lounge is our commitment to providing a space where clients and sales representatives can elevate their expertise, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to a culture of lifelong learning.
- Andrea Ecret, Director of Brand and Product Marketing

Meet your product experts and Learning Lounge educators

The OFS Learning Lounge is led by a group of skillful and engaging educators dedicated to creating insightful and engaging content for your continuous learning journey:

Kat Bley, Product Content Expert - Workspaces & Adaptive Architecture

Hailing from the scenic landscapes of South Carolina, Kat Bley brings 14 years of industry expertise, with 9 dedicated years at OFS. Kat is the driving force behind Open Plan and Casegoods, transforming spaces into collaborative havens. When not reshaping workspaces, Kat enjoys the great outdoors through hiking and golfing. You can find her on LinkedIn here!

Jessica Lankhorst, Product Content Expert - Ancillary & Tables

Meet Jessica Lankhorst, a seasoned professional residing in the charming city of Savannah, Georgia. With a decade of experience in the furniture industry, she has become a specialist in all things ancillary, dedicated to helping others gain valuable product knowledge. Beyond the realm of furniture, she has a passion for quilting, is a devoted mom, and is known for her engaging and talkative nature. In the world of furniture and beyond, Jess weaves together creativity, expertise, and a warm personality. You can find her on LinkedIn here!

Laila Harms - Product Content Expert - Performance Seating
Residing in Fountain Valley, California, Laila Harms boasts an impressive 22-year of experience in the furniture industry. Outside the world of seating, Laila finds joy in the company of her two beloved French Bulldogs and embraces the thrill of cycling on weekends. Married for four blissful years, Laila's commitment to excellence extends from the world of furniture to the perfect weekend outing. You can find her on LinkedIn here!

These Product Experts are dedicated to curating content that resonates with your professional journey, providing valuable insights and tips to elevate your expertise. Join them in the OFS Learning Lounge, where knowledge meets innovation, and discover a community driven by a commitment to continuous learning.

About OFS:
OFS is a family-owned contract furniture manufacturer dedicated to crafting experiences and products that contribute to places where people want to be. Founded in 1937, OFS provides furniture and logistics solutions for office, healthcare, education, lifestyle, government, and home office markets worldwide, offering seating products, tables, casegoods, and open-plan products. OFS is based in Huntingburg, Indiana.

About Carolina:
For over 75 years, Carolina has designed and manufactured quality furniture for customers around the globe. Founded in 1947, Carolina has constantly evolved their products and expanded their knowledge to meet the needs of tomorrow’s challenges, as well as today’s. Carolina is based in High Point, NC and was acquired by OFS Brands in 2007. Due to the unique connection to OFS, Carolina can also draw from their full offering of products designed for administrative working spaces.

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