Tara Headley of SCAD on the Imagine a Place podcast by OFS

Aim high and embrace the journey.

Tara Headley is a rising star in the world of interior design. In this episode, we explore her journey as an immigrant, the power of networking, and her life hack around setting personal goals. Tara’s journey began in Barbados, 2000 miles away from Savannah College of Art and Design where she studied design. Tara currently works at Hendrick in Atlanta designing commercial interiors - and at this past NeoCon, Tarkett unveiled a new flooring product designed by Tara. It’s been a big year for her. You’ll love her energy and wisdom in this interview.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Design education
  • Planning for a career in design 
  • Networking in the design industry
  • Personal goal setting

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Tara Headley
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