Amanda Schneider (ThinkLab): It's time to rethink our processes

Amanda Schneider (ThinkLab): It's time to rethink our processes

This week we welcome Amanda Schneider, founder of ThinkLab, the research division of SANDOW. Amanda and her team work to understand the trends, opportunities, and threats that swirl around the interiors industry. In this episode, we discuss those challenges and trends to discover what might be on the horizon for the profession of interior design.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

Design process innovation

The impact of technology on the contract interiors industry 

Lasting changes to space due to COVID


"Never in our history has the general public been more aware of space, and how space can make you feel."

"How do we look at the traditional process that’s been taught in design schools for 50 years, and keep the parts that are the most profound, interesting and valuable for the designer’s brain, and then systematize the rest of it?"

About Amanda Schneider of ThinkLab:

Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA is a researcher, writer, and founder of ThinkLab. Amanda is a strategic thinker with a strong background including industrial design, market research, product management, sales, and strategic launch practices with a breadth of companies within the interiors industry. Amanda’s creative process stems from her education in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, while her natural business sense is augmented by her MBA from the University of Iowa. She is passionate about studying the latest workplace trends to make meaningful connections for the industry and regularly blogs about them in various industry publications. When she’s not busy working in her suburban Chicago office or visiting clients, you can find her trail running at freakishly early hours of the morning, dreaming about that book she’ll write someday, or ambushing her secret stash of dark chocolate and red wine.

Hear more from Amanda Schneider and ThinkLab on the Design Nerds Anonymous podcast. 


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