Change-Making: The Skill of Overcoming the Odds and Discovering Yourself

Change-Making: The Skill of Overcoming the Odds and Discovering Yourself

In many ways, Pierre Jean Gonzalez surpasses expectations, and has done so his entire life. From beating the odds of his social circumstances to coming out as queer amidst prejudice to eventually appearing as the acclaimed Alexander Hamilton in the national touring company of the renowned musical, "Hamilton", Pierre is truly non-stop. Listeners are encouraged to tune in to the discussion on being a change-maker and the power of nourishing hearts and souls through art with Pierre Jean Gonzalez.

Ironically, the way I actually found Pierre was by playing a character.
- Pierre Jean Gonzalez

Be inspired by Pierre

Pierre Jean Gonzalez is a versatile actor, singer, and producer involved in stage, film, and television. Currently playing Alexander Hamilton in the Philip Touring Company of Hamilton, his performance has been praised for its self-assuredness and intensity. Pierre founded DominiRican Productions with his fiancé Cedric Leiba, Jr., aiming to promote Afro-Latinx and Queer representation in the entertainment industry. Their mission has been recognized by The Advocate and Good Morning America, and they have produced impactful films such as "American Made." Pierre's talent extends beyond acting, as he has won awards for his directing work in various film festivals. With a BFA in Acting from Rutgers University, Pierre hails from the Bronx and calls NYC his home.

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