Imagine a Place Podcast with Hilary Green of Scotiabank

Change management for the road ahead

Hilary Green is the Director of Change Management for Scotiabank, and with 88,000 employees, the stakes are high. In our interview, Hillary shares some of her most valuable insights for dealing with change -- both at a personal and enterprise level. She even throws in some practical advice for our transition back to the office.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • Change management
  • Returning to the office
  • Workplace culture 
  • Employee needs in the workplace

Quotes from Hilary Green: 

“More than anything, change management requires a willingness to understand people at a deep level." 

About Hilary Green of Scotiabank:

Hilary Green has been the Director of Change Management in Workplace Transformation at Scotiabank since 2017. During that time she has provided change management strategies for a variety of projects including the Way We Work Program, Toronto Contact Centre Transformation, and the Jamaica Head Office Transformation. She started at Scotiabank in 2014 in their Expense Management department, while there she was responsible for the development of the Bank’s Expense Policies. Prior to her time at Scotiabank, she spent over a decade in the live events and performing arts industry before getting her MBA in 2013.

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  • Hilary Green
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