The Truth | Curtis Moody, Architect + Founder of Moody Nolan

We are honored to present an interview with renowned architect Curtis Moody, Founder of Moody Nolan.  In today's episode, we delve into the profound impact of truth and self-belief on Curtis's life and pioneering achievements. He shares intimate reflections on his upbringing in Columbus, Ohio, highlighted by a pivotal moment: a school counselor's claim that his skin color barred him from pursuing a career in architecture. This episode is a journey through the challenges and triumphs that have defined Curtis's journey.

Curtis shares vivid memories of learning about Dr. King’s assassination as a teenager and the impact this event had on his life. He also discusses how being a competitive athlete impacted his approach to business, including an incredible strategy that landed him the commission to design Ohio State's arena.

From the guiding principles he lives by to the projects most meaningful to him, Curtis speaks candidly about the passion and persistence that led him to become one of the most prominent architects in the country.


  • Doug Shapiro
  • Curtis Moody
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