David Galullo (Rapt Studio): The truth about great workplace culture

David Galullo (Rapt Studio): The truth about great workplace culture

David Galullo, CEO of Rapt Studio, shares the secrets and debunks the myths around great workplace culture. Rapt Studio has recently designed for Dropbox, Google, Ancestry, and Vans. As a multidisciplinary design firm, they describe themselves as a group of believers with big hearts, good instincts, and uncommon curiosity. David certainly lives up to that mantra.

Today, he shares his thoughts on getting workplace culture right and what he’s learned through designing for some of America’s most recognizable brands.

Topics discussed in this episode:

Workplace Culture

Creative Thinking

The Purpose of the Office Today

The Workplace as a Tool

Quotes from David Galullo: 

"If people are going to bring their best selves, they have to feel like they are actually being seen and appreciated in that way and that they feel safe to try crazy stuff and fail."

"Innovation happens in crazy ways, and you have to go through some failures to get there."

“It’s all about people coming together to build something magical, and that only happens if they feel secure and comfortable in bringing their crazy inner selves to work

About Rapt Studio

Based in San Francisco – and with offices in Los Angeles and New York – Rapt Studio designs cohesive and elegant user experiences for the globe’s top brands, including VF Corporation, IBM, Google, Turner Broadcasting, Dropbox, and Fender.

The practice specializes in design for both the built environment and the digital world. Rapt Studio believes that design-thinking is a unique tool that helps us solve problems -- It’s about using design to bring meaningful spaces, brands, cultures and technologies together.

For RAPT, design that innovates and solves real business needs comes from taking a unique approach to the way its designers create. 

“Far too often, designers set about to solve a problem that they haven’t bothered to fully define,” said Galullo. “We spend time defining the problem and identifying the unique culture of the client within which the solution will live. Sounds obvious, but it’s not.”

David Galullo believes that great design should connect and align seamlessly with a company’s culture and mission. When it’s done right, it can transform the way we live and work while communicating why a company matters to employees and customers. 

Learn more about Rapt Studio: https://raptstudio.com/


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