Imagine a Place Podcast with Christian Giordano of Mancini Duffy

Design is due for reinvention

Chrisitan Giordano is the owner and principal of the legendary New York City-based design firm Mancini Duffy, and his approach is anything but ordinary. Christian is not sitting back and waiting for the profession to evolve and change, he’s doing it himself. This episode is full of new technology concepts that are shaping the architecture and design experience at Mancini Duffy. Along with a vision for the future, Christian captures what it really means to have a long-term goal, and how the value it creates might be unexpected.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The future of design
  • Design technology
  • Immersive technology in design
  • Architecture and design trends

More about Christian Giordano:

Christian Giordano is the most innovative person in the architecture field today. A visionary who is radically changing the industry through tech-first innovation, he has been highlighted as one of Building Design + Construction’s “40 Under 40” Class of 2013.

To redefine Mancini as a top design firm, Christian has sparked industry-wide change drawing inspiration from some of the tech-forward companies Mancini works with—like Google, Peloton, Disney, and Soho House —focusing on technology that can propel the world of design forward. Christian saw a unique opportunity to recalibrate Mancini’s approach — emphasizing technology to transform the way designers across disciplines work.

He also launched a research & development incubator – dubbed the Design Lab – which brings together designers, technologists, and clients to leverage technologies like Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Drones, Generative Design, and Artificial Intelligence to break barriers limiting design capabilities. What began as an internal incubator, it has quickly grown to disrupt the way the design process is facilitated.

Christian resides in Monmouth County, New Jersey with his family. He owns over 500 bootleg CDs of Bruce Springsteen concerts and is a skilled extreme cake decorator. He is also the host of The Anti-Architect Podcast.

Anti Architect Podcast with Christian Diordano of Mancini Duffy

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