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Designing a Sanctuary Space | Lisa Kahn, Finding Sanctuary

Lisa Kahn, founder of Finding Sanctuary, joined the Imagine a Place podcast to discuss how intentional design can create refuge and inner transformation.

The transformative power of perspective
Kahn notes that  approaching spaces as sacred, not just functional, can reframe our relationship with them. We can then begin to see the connections between our own personal wellbeing and mindset and the space around us.

Looking to nature for balance
Biophilic elements that evoke nature are key to centering spaces. Kahn brings the outdoors in through related colors, textures, scents and sounds. She is currently experimenting with essential oil mixes, indoor hammocks and intentional plant placement to optimize energy flows.

Design for the senses
Considering how elements engage the senses creates multi-layered sanctuary. Kahn finds music instantly shifts a room’s mood and advises starting with views outside a space for color cues. She aims to craft experiences where people exhale upon arrival.

Inner calm to face external chaos
For Kahn, the ultimate goal is fostering inner sanctuary that provides strength when facing external challenges. She wants to inspire peace within that people can carry with them wherever they go. Kahn sees designers as having immense potential to support wellbeing through their work.


Learn more about Lisa Kahn - founder and visionary behind Finding Sanctuary by Lisa Kahn Designs.

Listen to the full podcast episode with Lisa below.


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