My Instincts Led Me Here | Ebehi Ijewere, Host of Layers of Design

What does it take to build a fulfilling career in architecture?

This was the key question explored in my recent podcast interview with Ebehi Ijewere.

Ebehi brings a global perspective as an architect born in Nigeria and now works for Jacobs. She also hosts the podcast Layers of Design, where she dives into stories about architecture and design.

In our conversation, Ebehi opened up about the challenges she faced as an international student trying to launch her career after graduation. Despite having all the right credentials and experience, she struggled to get interviews and job offers. She quickly realized her immigrant status was a barrier.

After finally landing her first job, Ebehi was dismayed to find it didn't live up to her expectations. She wasn't valued or given opportunities to grow. Though tempted to stick it out, she learned to trust her instincts—this environment was diminishing her passion. After a year and a half, she left in pursuit of more meaningful work.

Ebehi stresses the importance of finding not just any job, but the right job where you are respected and able to thrive. She advocates listening to your intuition and standing up for your own needs, even if it means taking the risk to quit.

For young architects and all professionals, Ebehi's story is an important reminder that you must seek out work cultures that empower you. Her candid perspective and hard-won wisdom will resonate with all who desire purpose and belonging in their career.


  • Doug Shapiro
  • Ebehi Ijewere
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