Imagine a Place Podcast with Sara Marberry and Doug Shapiro

Fulfilling the promise of life

The healthcare design field hosts a very special group of purpose-driven design practitioners. And at the very center of it all sits a passionate and dedicated researcher and reporter that so many of us in the healthcare industry have come to know and respect: Sara Marberry. For 30 years, Sara has been shaping the healthcare interiors industry through her work. In this episode, she helps us understand the trajectory of healthcare design and a better way to imagine a place for senior living.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Healthcare and interior design
  • Patient experience
  • Senior living design
  • The future of healthcare design

More about Sara Marberry:

Sara Marberry has been a healthcare design expert, writer, speaker, and marketing consultant for the past 30 years. Her industry involvement includes board positions with The Center for Health Design and the Symposium on Healthcare Design. In 1993, Sara and her colleagues formed the nonprofit Center for Health Design, which has been instrumental in advancing the idea that the design of the physical environment affects patient outcomes.

Sara has written 4 books on healthcare design including:

  • Power of Color
  • Innovations in Healthcare Design
  • Healthcare Design
  • Improving Healthcare With Better Building Design

Sara regularly blogs on current events and topics related to healthcare design and senior living design at

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Sara Marberry
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