Imagine a Place Podcast with Kia Weatherspoon of Determined by Design

It’s time we elevate everything: Kia Weatherspoon

Kia Weatherspoon has spent the last 15 years defying every design stereotype. The most damaging —interior design is a luxury reserved for a few. Her voice and design practice have shifted the narrative, making interior design a standard for all.

Kia is a Design Equity Advocate, Educator, Speaker, and Founder of Determined by Design - Today, she shares her amazing story of how she discovered the power of place, but also the disheartening disparity in the standards and levels of empathy that have been traditionally used in design. Her leadership has created ripples, prompting housing developers in economically challenged communities to do better. In this episode, Kia helps us understand why it’s time we elevate our empathy, our standards, and our voice. Get ready for a powerful and passionate episode. 


Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Empathy in the design process
  • Design equity and inclusivity
  • The power of place and the critical role of design

Quotes from Kia Weatherspoon:

"Possibilities are endless when you lead with serving others."

"The moment you see challenges as growth opportunities is when you know you’re making progress. Growing pains are always followed by movement to the next level."

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