Integrating Clinical Perspectives into Healthcare Design | NIHD Roundtable

You've joined us for a very special episode! Our team at Carolina did some research and pulled together leaders from the Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design (NIHD) to discuss how clinicians and designers are partnering to create better healthcare environments. We also discuss the impact of spaces on burnout, emerging research, and new opportunities for clinicians interested in healthcare design.

So, how can we integrate clinicians into the design process? It starts at the beginning. One common mistake is bringing clinicians in when it's "too late." Including nurses and clinicians early in the process ultimately saves money in the long run. Designing a space correctly from the start is much cheaper than redesigning spaces later.

Another issue that can be solved by design is clinician burnout. Providing quiet spaces for respite, incorporating nature into stairwells, and using daylighting inside are all examples of needed design solutions to help clinicians combat burnout. Spaces affect emotions more than you know and there's research to prove it. In this episode we talk about the innovative approaches like AI and biometrics that are being used to understand spaces and how they affect you. 

If you're a clinician and you want to get involved, start now. Whether the project is big or small, get involved and contribute your voice in any way you can. There's more and more potential for new careers that blend nursing and design. NIHD is passionate about their mission and committed to advocating for clinical input in healthcare design.

Learn more about NIHD and Carolina.

Meet our guests: Elizabeth Johnson, Anthony Mistretta, Kristina Krail, Lynn Aguilera


  • Doug Shapiro
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Anthony Mistretta
  • Kristina Krail
  • Lynn Aguilera
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