Personal Growth in the Era of AI

Here are some key takeaways from Doug's experience at the New Year New You event in Miami.


Authentic intelligence comes from experience and activating our brains, hearts, and souls.

There is a difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and authentic intelligence. Artificial intelligence is knowledge gained through algorithmic study and memorization—learning in 2D—while authentic intelligence comes from experience that activates more areas of the brain and leaves emotional imprints. It engages our brains, hearts, and souls. And as AI advances, we need to balance and develop our authentic intelligence through conversations, travel, and immersive experiences.


Curiosity is the most important skill in the AI era.

Curiosity is singled out as the most important skill in the AI era. With unlimited information at our fingertips, our impact comes from the questions we ask, not just passively accepting the answers we receive. Staying curious allows us to steer our use of AI tools, rather than losing agency and keeps us from falling into sameness.


Imperfections make us human.

As AI generates hyper-perfect images and content, imperfections make us human. We need to embrace the imperfections and uniqueness that differentiates human creativity from AI. In design, we should move away from perfection and embrace more human, authentic work. Our humanity shines through those imperfections.


  • Doug Shapiro
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