The Skill Set Studio: Bucket List

The Skill Set Studio: Bucket List

Welcome to The Skills Set Studio episode where we are inspired by former guest, compelling topics, and the tangents that flavor our lives!

In this episode: producers Doug Shapiro and Adriana Davila join Cheryl for a special episode in which they share learnings from a recent keynote speaker and dive deep into bucket lists and their connection to our skill sets.

The bucket list is not about getting what you want, the bucket list is about getting to your purpose.
- Doug Shapiro

Find motivation in Ben Nemtin's story

Ben Nemtin had a successful start to his university career, but everything changed when he was struck by depression and anxiety. He dropped out of school and lost his spot on the rugby team, becoming a shut-in at his parent's house. In an attempt to turn his life around, he decided to surround himself with inspiring people and make a bucket list of "100 things to do before you die" with his friends. He called his mission "The Buried Life," named after a poem that reflected his feelings of having his dreams buried. He set out on a two-week road trip to accomplish his bucket list and help others accomplish theirs, and was surprised when total strangers reached out to ask for help with their own dreams. Ben has now achieved 91 of his goals over the course of a decade-long road trip, and believes that anyone can do anything. His goal is to inspire others to believe in their own potential.

Hear what Ben has to say

Adriana's bucket list:

In this episode of the podcast, Doug Shapiro and Cheryl Durst delve into the reasons why they haven't put much thought into creating a formal bucket list, in contrast to Adriana. The Skill Set Producer, Adriana Davila, shares her bucket list - a collection of life experiences, hobbies, and things you've always thought about doing! Get a sneak peek at her list:

- See the northern lights
- Go zip lining
- Milk a cow
- Go to a live TV show
- Pull an all nighter
- Swing from a rope into a lake
- Cable car in San Francisco
- Great wall of china
- Red Telephone booth in England
- Get married
- Be an extra in a movie
- Go on the Who Wants to Make a Deal
- Go on the price is right
- Own a dog
- Season tickets to a hockey game
- Go to the Kentucky Derby
- Formula one race
- ride the Purdue train
- Skiing in the Alpes
- Own an exotic car
- Sleep in a hammock
✓ See a wild whale (accomplished after the recording of this episode)
✓ Learn how to ride a motorcycle
✓ Go to an MSU Hockey, Basketball, & Football game
✓ Hot tub during the winter
✓ See a broadway show
✓ Own my own car
✓ Graduate HS
✓ Graduate college
✓ Las Vegas baby
✓ See a shooting star


  • Cheryl Durst
  • Doug Shapiro
  • Adriana Davila
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