The Skill Set Banner featuring Cheryl Durst, Adriana Davila, and Doug Shapiro.

The Skill Set Studio: The Stuff

Cheryl Durst is joined once again by producers, Adriana Davila and Doug Shapiro, to talk about “stuff” — the skills, experiences, memories and more accumulated over our lifetimes that give us purpose and mold us into who we are.

Your purpose is more than just what you get get paid for on the 15th and the 30th.
- Cheryl Durst

Discovering the Legacy of Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University (TSU) is a coeducational university located in Nashville, Tennessee. It is a historically a black college with over 10,000 students, including nearly 1,900 graduate students. TSU is the only state-funded historically black college in Tennessee. It was founded in 1909 as the Agricultural and Industrial State Normal School, and became a four-year college in 1922. 

How to donate

This recording was done at Elliot Hall at Tennessee State University home of the Art and Design Department. If you are interested in donating to their program please use the QR code below. Or you can email Sue Ballard de Ruiz for more information. 

TSU A&D Donation


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  • Cheryl Durst
  • Doug Shapiro
  • Adriana Davila
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