The Soul of a Team | Yahir Sarmiento, Cushman & Wakefield

In this interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Yahir Sarmiento, Senior Managing Director at Cushman Wakefield, about his leadership philosophies and advice. Throughout the conversation, Sarmiento shared insightful perspectives on building strong teams, making thoughtful decisions, and creating a positive work culture.

The importance of team culture and chemistry
One of Sarmiento's core beliefs is that each team has its own unique "soul" or culture. When you add or remove team members, the chemistry inevitably shifts. Leaders should consider if potential new hires will integrate well into the existing group dynamic. Sarmiento looks for people who share the team's motivation and values, not just technical skills.

Making decisions with care
Another key theme was taking time when making important choices, both professionally and personally. Sarmiento learned from a past mentor to pause and process emotions before reacting. When the stakes are high, you want to approach situations with a calm mindset. Patience leads to more thoughtful actions.

Big picture mindset and work-life balance
Sarmiento emphasized that leaders should devote at least half their time to big picture thinking and planning, not just daily fires. It's easy to get caught up in shallow work and miss opportunities for deeper reflection. To enable this, he recommends prioritizing sleep and work-life balance. It's an investment in your happiness and decision-making abilities.


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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Yahir Sarmiento
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