Rex Miller on the Imagine a Place podcast by OFS

Start with who.

Have you ever heard the expression, start with Why? Well, Rex Miller starts somewhere else. Here’s what's awesome about this episode… We are dropping this one before the launch of The Resilience Lab. It’s an Imagine a Place Productions original that features Rex Miller interviewing experts who explore ways to build resilience into your work, life, and practice of design.

Rex is a well-published author, a business and life coach and he packs into this conversation a greatest hits episode where we explore a variety of concepts that all center around getting to a better you at work… and it starts with a fundamental question: Who. Are. You.?

More about Rex Miller:

Rex Miller is the principal and thought leader for MindShift, a future-focused consultancy and organizational performance firm. He is the author of The Commercial Real Estate Revolution, The Millennium Matrix: Reclaiming the Past, Reframing the Future of the Church, and Change Your Space, Change Your Culture, and more.

Rex Miller is also the host of The Resilience Lab, a podcast that explores how we can integrate resilience into our work and our lives through the journey and stories of others. In a time when change is all around us, it’s important that we seek/look to understand ourselves better and discover ways that we can grow through change.

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