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Storytelling: The Skill of Creativity, Self-Assuredness and Peacemaking

Storytelling: The Skill of Creativity, Self-Assuredness and Peacemaking

J.D. Netto is what I would describe as a multiplicity of beautiful things — he is a best-selling author, artist, entrepreneur and so much more. J.D. firmly believes that art releases us to our destinies and he has used this admirable ideal to connect with those who may feel like misfits or outsiders as well as to discover and become more comfortable with himself.

Through this conversation, J.D. and I discuss his life as a gay man and how it connects to his work as well as the importance of recognizing a person before recognizing their skillset.

A deeper look into JD Netto

J.D. Netto is an accomplished bestselling author whose work spans multiple genres. His fantasy series, The Whispers of the Fallen, gained a devoted following upon its release, and he also founded Saved by the Page, a platform for readers to share personal stories about how books have positively impacted their lives. Some of these tales were compiled into an anthology published in 2018. In addition to fantasy, Netto has also written Henderbell: The Shadow of Saint Nicholas, a speculative fiction novel about the cursed ancestry of Father Christmas, and The Broken Miracle duology, a fictionalized biography inspired by the life of pianist Paul Cardall and his experiences living with half a heart. The duology has also inspired an album featuring Paul Cardall and other artists such as David Archuleta, Thompson Square, and Tyler Glenn.


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