Code and Concrete, Tech's Impact on Commercial Real Estate | Todd Edstrom

NOTE: Todd has left JLL since recording this episode.

In this episode, Doug sits down with Todd Edstrom—formerly of JLL. Todd provides insights into why technology is transforming the commercial real estate (CRE) industry—an industry that has been slow to leverage technology. The industry is "curious but skeptical" excited to try new things, but slow to shake the industry.

So, what technology is beneficial to the commercial real estate industry? A major theme is the importance of data. How can data be used to inform better decision-making? While data sets such as survey's and utilization/badge data are necessary, Todd argues that productivity data is most important right now to understand exactly how spaces are being used. There's even new technology emerging that uses sensors to capture data and give researchers insight into how a spaces are actually used.

Looking into the future, Todd is encouraged by technologies like virtual construction site scans to automatically track progress and tools that use AI to instantly generate 3D space plans from PDFs. It's important to note that these technologies shouldn't replace human relationships and expertise in CRE deals, but should compliment them.

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