Imagine a Place Podcast with Debbie Millman Olley of the Design Matters Podcast

Why design matters with Debbie Millman

Named “one of the most creative people in business” by Fast Company, Debbie Millman is an author, educator, curator, and host of the podcast, Design Matters. Launched in 2005, Design Matters, is one of the first and longest-running podcasts, and as host, Millman has interviewed nearly 500 of the most creative people in the world over the past 17 years examining the arch of their lives, fully exploring what it means to be inspired, creative, and curious. But today, we get the privilege to turn the table on Debbie and explore the arc of Debbie’s life and the richness of her life as a designer, podcaster, communicator, and all-around fascinating human being.


  • Debbie Millman
  • Doug Shapiro
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