8 Remarkable Women, 8 Empowering Stories | A Women's History Month Spotlight

In this special episode for Women's History Month, we've gathered 8 incredible stories of perseverance and personal growth from some of our favorite guests. These stories are not just about the perseverance and achievements of these women but are meant to motivate and encourage everyone listening. You'll also meet Lydia Moya, an executive producer for Imagine a Place, as we take a look back at this episode and reflect on these stories and what this month is all about.

Here's a list of our guests in order and links to their original podcast:

1. My Ngyuen

2. Ginger Curtis

3. Charlotte Kingsbury

4. Erin Peavey

5. Kia Weatherspoon

6. Ximena Diaz

7. Debbie Millman

8. Krystal Lucero


  • Doug Shapiro
  • Lydia Moya
  • My Nguyen
  • Ginger Curtis
  • Charlotte Kingsburry
  • Erin Peavey
  • Kia Weatherspoon
  • Ximena Diaz
  • Debbie Millman
  • Krystal Lucero
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