Imagine a Place Podcast with Ronn Daniel of Kent State

The wonder and weight of history in your life.

If you're curious enough, you can look backward in time and you’ll see a ribbon of lessons, treasures, good decisions, and bad decisions. While we can’t go back and change history, we also can’t move forward without the weight of it either. Ronn Daniel, is an accomplished Author, Historian, and Interim Director for Kent State’s Interior Design Program. As a design historian, he investigates the relationships between interior space, cultural ideas, and technological change. In this episode, Ronn takes us into his brain to explore the wonder and weight of history in our lives. This conversation will change how you see the world and the role you have in building the future.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Interior design history
  • Design equity and inclusivity
  • The power of place and the critical role of design

Quotes from Ronn Daniel:

"The past is a place where we are frequent visitors."

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  • Doug Shapiro
  • Ronn Daniel
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