OFS and Carolina Launch New Products at NeoCon 2022 in Chicago

OFS Shares You+ Work, Well and Belong Experience at NeoCon 2022

by Aaron Estabrook

Company launches 15+ new products and enhancements

During NeoCon 2022, OFS opens the doors of its refreshed 11th Floor Showroom in the Merchandise Mart with an invitation to the You+ experience where the company shares settings and interactions focused on work, well-being and belonging. You+ is a journey to empower an organization’s greatest asset, its people. The showroom will demonstrate how soft architecture and intentional flexibility can adapt to the iterative settings that provide healthy, meaningful environments to employees and guests. You+ can be experienced digitally at OFS.com Together, OFS and Carolina will launch over 15 products and enhancements that will be order-ready on the Monday of NeoCon. OFS and Carolina will continue their commitment to showing #productsnotprototypes during the event.

OFS product introductions

Soft architecture, biophilia, and settings for connecting people:

Obeya - The 2019 Best of NeoCon award-winning product designed by Webb Associates is enhanced with new wall heights, framed inserts and ceilings further celebrating the natural beauty of wood that is the signature of Obeya. 

Hydra - Wood planters were designed to work with the Obeya ecosystem or standalone and define space with biophilic elements. Hydra was designed by Webb Associates.

Ezel - A series of whiteboards, corkboards, screens, rails and caddies that flex with the variety of ways that people work together. Ezel was designed by Webb Associates.

Kaleid - Inspired by the perspective of a kaleidoscope where you see wonderful variations of shapes becoming art, we envisioned a product that could do that for people and the settings within which they choose to work. Media, planters, collaboration tools, and storage are all smartly integrated into mobile and connected units to define highly adaptable spaces. Kaleid was designed by Webb Associates.

Fleet - A collection of tables, stools, benches, canopies and media featuring meandering shapes, mobile and rotating surfaces and softened edges to welcome folks to gather around. Fleet was designed by Webb Associates.

Zero - In collaboration with, Magnus Olesen, the Zero chair was designed to easily assemble and disassemble consisting of four main parts: seat, back, frame and a single fastener that elegantly and structurally secures all the components together. Zero was designed by Danish designer Øivind Slaatto.

Butterfly - Modern Danish simplicity is found in the Butterfly chair from Magnus Olesen. Designed for meeting spaces as well as the multi-activity spaces found in the office and at home. Butterfly was designed by Niels Gammelgaard.

Lucia - A simple, comfortable chair with an infiniti frame and open back graced with a performance woven textile for breathability and support. Designed by Claudio Bellini, Lucia ushers in great Italian design and ergonomics in a softened silhouette.

Marco - Clean, simple and comfortable, Marco is a multi-use seating collection that can benefit a variety of settings including workstations, collaboration spaces and table gatherings.

Carolina product introductions

Providing restorative spaces for caregivers and supporting in-person care safely and comfortably

Sorta - Designed by Gecco Vision Deigns, Sorta was imagined for flexibility, blurring the lines between healthcare, workplace, and education to create a true solution that can adapt to a variety of user’s needs and postures.

Kyte - Kyte brings beauty and elegance into any space. Choose a rocker base for the soothing motion, finding a moment of escape. Or, choose a swivel or metal base as a more classic lounge, including simple comforts.

Ansel - Designed by Q Design, Ansel high-back lounge found inspiration in its name meaning “divine protection,” providing privacy within a waiting area to find the comfort you need amidst the healing process.

Ardha - The Ardha collection is a light and airy contrast to the traditional furniture of healthcare spaces. It has a versatile approach for work, learning, gathering an care spaces.

Lasata (ortho + bariatric addition) - Lasata has grown into a family of patient recliners, each member designed to meet specific services of healthcare systems. It positively supports the critical relationship between patients and caregivers. The expansion consists of orthopedic and bariatric recliners.

Insideout - A beautiful, durable design in a molded poly chair that finds a home indoors and out. Guest seating for exam spaces, learning environments, waiting areas and workplace. While offered in 4 colors, armed or armless, the armless model does not have any metal hardware so is perfectly suitable for MRI spaces.


OFS is a family-owned contract furniture manufacturer dedicated to crafting experiences and products that contribute to places where people want to be. Founded in 1937, OFS provides furniture and logistics solutions for office, healthcare, education, lifestyle, hospitality, government, and home office markets worldwide, offering seating, tables, casegoods, and open plan products. The brands, Carolina and Bryan Ashley are OFS companies. OFS is based in Huntingburg, Indiana.

Contact: Andrea Ecret, Brand Manager for OFS: aecret@ofs.com

Contact: Lauren Morgan, Brand Manager for Carolina: lmorgan@ofs.com