Case Study: Service Express Global Headquarters

Case Study: Service Express Global Headquarters

Behind the scenes at Service Express

Overview of the project and space. 

As a growing and dynamic company, Service Express's leadership wanted to create an environment that reflected the organization’s people-powered culture and customer-first commitment. To better support their employees, they needed to design a flexible workspace that supported both collaboration and deep focus time. 

With the help of Progressive AE, First Companies, Davis Corporate Solutions, OFS, and more, Service Express renovated their existing headquarters by building a second floor and doubling the available space to accommodate their rapid growth and culture. 

We built open-air concepts like this where people can grab team members, pull something up on a screen or a whiteboard, or even just stop to have a cup of coffee.
- Josh Leatherman, Chief Marketing Officer

What was the design vision for the space and why? 

Service Express is a dynamic team and built around an activity-based work style. To support this team, leadership envisioned an office that supports immense flexibility and reflects their vibrant company culture. 

To bring their vision to life, the design team incorporated bright colors, movable furniture solutions, and spaces designed for a variety of uses. They also designed a centralized cafe, where employees could step back from their work to grab a coffee, connect with their co-workers, or even play a game of shuffleboard.

What problems were you trying to solve with the updated space? 

Previously, the Service Express team was divided into two buildings, making it difficult to collaborate. To meet in person, team members would walk between buildings. Remote workers also lacked a centralized place to visit and feel immersed in the company culture. 

The Service Express team decided to expand their building to provide more space, availability to add to their team, and re-think their previous workplace model to support flexibility, collaboration, technological integration, and sustainability.

How did the team reflect the mission and vision of the company through design? 

Hospitality, sustainability, and engagement are all key elements of Service Express’ company culture. To reflect this, the design team integrated a café space right at the entrance of the company to greet employees and guests upon arrival. 

Next, Service Express sourced local products and materials, energy-efficient technology + lighting, and automated building systems to support their sustainability goals. As for engagement, they delighted their employees with pops of color and vibrant quotes to showcase company values. Progressive AE also included mobile whiteboards, furniture, and ample technology. 

Together, the design reflects the energetic, collaborative culture of Service Express, and empowers their employees and guests to growth, connection, and excellence.

It was important for us to create a space where people felt welcome. Where they felt a sense of community and belonging. In doing so, whether they’re coming together to collaborate or connect with their co-workers, we designed a space that could scale with us for the future. This is one way that we demonstrate our commitment to our employees.
- Gretchen Murphy, Chief Human Resources Officer

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